Friday, February 24, 2006

Illustration Friday - Tea

Here's this week's Illustration Friday - TEA.
My wife drinks a lot of tea because she's pregnant now, and coffee tastes yucky to her now (!!!) Goofy hormones. The thought of losing my taste for coffee is unimaginable to me. In fact, I needs me some coffee right now. mmmmm... coffee.
I went to a Tea cafe in Pittsburgh a week or two ago, and got some funky herbal tea for her. That's what inspired this illo. It just had this kind of vibe to it. (and my wife is not asian)

oh and if you want to pass the potato, click here...

potato potato


mattwood said...

Hey James

Beat you by ONE!

Great illo.
I like how she looks all comfy in her sweater and socks.

I dont know about you, but when I was thinking of what to illustrate for "tea" it made more sense for the person in the piece to be female. I just cant imagine drawing a guy drinking tea.

How weird.


Leda Cruz said...

a very elegant girl!

Manuela said...

She is really cool :D
Very nice pose and colors :D
Cool espression
I don't like so much the Background

Uh and Lucky wife :P
and unluckY for the coffe I also love coffe still I've read Yesterday on Wikipedia what coffe can do ArGH

KaRLa said...

Beautifu illo i love it ¡

violetismycolor said...

lovely, it really conveys a feeling of satisfaction.

Alessandro_PPG said...

Beautiful ilustrations! Você é um excelent profissional Parabéns pelo belo trabalho! Te coloque em meu link de favoritos! Hugs!

Kevin Barber said...

Um,...Jimbo,....did you re-marry ? This is not how i remeber her. Glad to see that,......

" Her cofees on the TA-HA-HA-BAH- HULLLLLLLL !! "

Giles said...

Excellent image! I like your character design...her eyes are great.

Joe said...

Great Ill. I love the satisfied look on her face! Have a good week!

potato farm girl said...

What a sweet drawing. Congrats on your upcoming bundle of joy also!

m. dachille said...

WOW!! Congratulations!!! to the no. 4.

love the tertiary colors... gives the tea a zingy flavor.