Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oliver and the Magic Snowflake interactive children's book

I recently illustrated 2 children's booklets for a company that makes large mall structures.
The mall structure is called "The Ice Palace", and it ties in with Disney's Chronicles of Narnia "Voyage of the Dawn Treader" film. There are a handful of malls in the US that have this Ice Palace structure. Check the list here: International Plaza

Originally, I was hired to illustrate the free book that they give to children who visit the Ice Palace, but then they added a second interactive book for the website.

The story in the book/website stayed far away from the Narnia references, because of licensing restrictions.

You can check it the interactive book here:
Oliver and the Magic Snowflake

I did all the illustrations, and another outfit animated the elements and made it interactive.

Here is a page from the first book. I went from thumbnail (drawn on a post-it note) to final illustration. I had already illustrated most of the pages, so the sketch on this one didn't need to be very detailed, since I had already defined the characters.

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