Monday, January 25, 2010


Flowers... for you <3


Andrea said...

Just wondering: is that scary flower going to be nice when happy girl goes to sniff her bouquet?

valerie said...

I don't think so Andrea, the happy girl will never sniff the flower because she has no nose.


Scott said...

Or maybe she won't, because it (the "monster" or something) is really obvious and it will be kind of stupid to do that. :)


Robert said...

Why concern yourself on such trivial matters? Just appreciate the art and praise the artist should you think that he or she did good.

As for me, he / she did good.

Robert - Pool Cover

Valerie Framo said...

Sure Robert. The artist did a good work. We just discussing the little bits that make the art work unique and the message it carries.


Robert said...

I understand.

Well... I think she wouldn't notice it, but she wouldn't smell the flowers either. Hopefully, that is.

Robert - Pool Covers