Thursday, September 11, 2008

the Tron Guy!

This is my tribute to Jay Maynard, the Tron Guy.


trophiogrande said...

Here's an article about him from the Twin Cities free rag:

trophiogrande said...


looks like that didn't get in there....grrrrr!

Jay Maynard said...

Very nice. Thanks!

James Elston said...

Awesome! Jay Maynard visited my blog!
Glad you liked it!

Michael Hawn said...

this is a "blast from the past"..reminded me of hours in Pizza Hut play Tron Video game.

maria stella said...

You are really amazing!
I'm an Italian primary school teacher. I was looking for a picture of Super Mario to give to my kids and I foun you.
Maria Stella

P.S. My husband is English and his blog is littleitalyblogspot.blogspot