Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Running Ninja flash animation

here's a ninja I did in flash.




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Clinton said...

Kewl! May I ask why did you quit Disney?

James Elston said...

hmmm... why did I quit Disney...
complicated, that is... it was a combination of things, but
I guess the short of it is that I got restless after a while. Sort of lost the fire.
I'm glad I got out when I did, because the studio shut down 1 year later, and I heard the morale level during Brother Bear was pretty low. I'm glad I wasn't there for that.

I am an illustrator at heart, and I'm glad I got the opportunity to see if I could succeed as a freelance illustrator.
Of course, now that I've been out for... 6 years now, the animation fire inside me (the one that I had when I applied to Disney in the first place) has been re-lit and I'm chomping at the bit to animate again. Go figure.
In hindsight, I guess I must have gotten squashed by the neverending clean up department. Love Clean up and all, but I think I was built for something different. Like animated shorts, TV animation and/or character design. Those things get my motor running. I was happy in clean up for about 5 ... 5 1/2 years (I worked there for about 7 years), then I began to daydream about doing something else...
I've been working on re-developing my animation style/skills, so I can hopefully re-enter that world some day. It's tough, though, because I'm super busy as it is with my illustration career, and raising a family, etc.

anyway, hope that answers your question.
There were a few more reasons than that, but that was the main one (restlessness).

jen said...

OH! so cool, love how he blinks

David Nethery said...

Clinton -

Jim had good timing. He got out of Disney while the gettin' was good.

(Jim already told you that , but as someone else who was there at the time , who didn't have the foresight to get off a sinking ship, I just thought I'd back him up on that)

Hey, Jimbo, your Flash animation is looking good.