Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ward Kimball

I was digging through my old photos and I found this one of me meeting the late, great Ward Kimball. Since I worked at Disney Animation, famous and semi-famous people would come by for different reasons.
Ward was part of the "9 old men", the original nine guys that developed Disney Animation.
I had met Frank and Ollie, who are usually considered the big superstars of the nine, and that was cool, but Ward Kimball was by far my favorite. In addition the the classic Disney characters he brought to life, he did some of that crazy 50's modern super styly animation that I just LOVE.

here's an image from Toot, Whistle, Plunk, and Boom


martin wittig said...

James, Greak work throughout your blog!:) Really fun stuff.

cdeboda said...

Cool...wish i had the pleasure to meet Mr. Kimball myself.

Keith McIlwain said...

Pretty cool.

potato farm girl said...

Whoa! You got to meet the crazy Ward Kimball! Speaking of being busy, anyone who can keep drawing, while raising a family, simply amazing. You are someone to look up to!