Wednesday, October 04, 2006

painting with kids

This is a painting done by my 3 year old daughter, Annabeth. She loves to make a mess, and it's tons of fun to paint with her. The brushes stink, the paper's super cheap, and the paint is nasty. Tons of fun.

and these are some drawings done by my 5 year old son Mark. Mark has autism, so I'm always really interested in what kind of thing comes out of his head. I taught him how to draw himself, so now he draws pictures of himself all the time.
This outfit with the button down shirt, the red boots and the belt is his favorite "uniform"- he'd wear it every day if we let him. It's sort of a comfort thing I think. I'm just thrilled to see my kids drawing and painting. For a long time, they had no interest in coloring or drawing, much to my chagrin, but recently they have become totally interested. yay. My 7 year old son isn't interested though. He digs the Nintendo DS and Legos. That's ok, as long as I have at least one mini me I'm happy.

Here's a fish I did while painting with Annabeth

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